Students continue to develop and mature their social-emotional competencies throughout their life journey, and this development is augmented and accelerated by the presence of caring adults. We have designed our curriculum to be customizable so you can identify and address your students' unique needs, align activities accordingly, and ensure that instruction is age- and grade level-appropriate.


Each of our 24-Session Kits have a variety of resources that are a perfect addition to your existing programming, including:

  • An Implementation Guide to give you the support necessary to begin applying social-emotional learning (SEL) practices across your school.
  • A Teacher Guide designed to help you integrate SEL competencies in your classroom through guided conversations and activities affiliated with each of the identified character traits.
  • A Student Journal to provide learners with a safe space to be still, reflect, and monitor their emotions through writing and drawing.
  • An optional Storybook Bundle to help contextualize the 24 character traits.


Easy Integration

Activities can last 15–30 minutes or longer, depending on the length of your day and the responses of your kids. With a variety of character traits that align with everyday interactions, these activities are designed to fit organically into your current academic schedule, including morning meetings, advisory periods, after-school programs, and during class time. Each lesson includes additional interdisciplinary activities for you to choose based on the goals of your organization and the needs of your students. This is provided to encourage differentiated instruction for your unique learning context and children.

Meaningful Connections for All Learners

In efforts to embrace the diversity of today’s communities, we aim to equip all students with the ability to learn from one another's unique experiences and engage in meaningful shared experiences together. Choose Love In A Big World to incorporate inclusive, intentional, and focused SEL programming that will further develop your students’ social-emotional competencies.  Click here to watch a video about our impact on students.

The Research

Love In A Big World aligns with CASEL’s five core competencies and the coordinated contexts model. It is also research-based, drawing upon the following theoretical frameworks:

  • Constructivist learning theory
  • Positive psychology-oriented trait theory
  • Hawkins & Catalano’s risk to resilience theory
  • Bandura’s self-efficacy theory
  • Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems model


For information about how to bring Love in A Big World to your school or classroom, contact or 1-800-843-4952.

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