Each parent, upon sending our children off to school, has worried about bullying. What happens if my son or daughter is picked on? What if bullying becomes physical? What will I say and do to ensure my child feels supported?

For every child who is bullied, of course, there is a child who is responsible for the bullying behavior. None of us wants to receive that phone call from the principal telling us that our child is in trouble at school, much less that our child was bullying another student. This is a situation that we perhaps don’t spend as much time worrying about, or preparing for, and yet it is equally important that we are ready to intervene and course correct. There are numerous reasons why kids may display inappropriate behavior toward peers, and the most important thing we can do pay attention and identify the source. Most children who are bullying others know their behavior is wrong, but something is still driving them to act out. What is affecting our kids and how can we educate them about the dangers of their behavior while providing better alternatives?  

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