For many students and educators, the stretch between Thanksgiving and Winter Break can seem endless. Between semester exams and holiday celebrations, everyone in the school community can feel out of sorts.  Here are a few quick tips for maintaining peace and joy during the season:


  1. Maintain your regular schedule. – Students thrive within established boundaries.  Remind them of your high expectations for learning and working.
  2. Integrate the holidays with academics. – Read holiday stories from various countries in English Language Arts.  Research the history of traditions from various cultures and connect them to current traditions in Social Studies.  Study the Science of baking favorite holiday treats. Celebrate the season with the Arts and Service Learning by sharing cards, hand-made crafts, and songs with elderly neighbors at a local senior center.  
  3. Prepare for students’ needs.– For some children, the holidays are not a happy time.  The food insecurity they face can make time away from school scary.  Provide food boxes and gifts or make connections with local food shelters or faith-based organizations who can help meet the needs of children and their families.


Don’t be a Grinch this holiday season!  Instead, find ways to maximize the fun opportunities for learning that come at this special time of year.