There is growing evidence--in the form of research and published use-cases--that supports integrating social-emotional learning (SEL) into K-12 education. Each resource points to the need for a combination of explicit instruction, as well as incorporating SEL strategies across all aspects of the education system. In the book, Building People: Social-Emotional Learning for Kids, Families, Schools & Communities, a diverse group of renowned researchers, practitioners, and experts address multiple facets of SEL and its successful implementation in numerous relevant contexts.

These quotes from the book’s contributors highlight some key points regarding effective SEL implementation and some inspiration for making it happen. Feel free to share them, tweet them, or choose any other medium to get the word out!:

  1. "Granting teachers time to focus on relationships will help them and their students thrive because we are creating a place where people are acknowledged and valued for who they are, not just what they do." - Tamara Fyke

  2. "Kids need to begin to feel and see their worth, value, and purpose in the school before they're going to be able to carry that out into the future.  Simply put, if you want the kids to respect and use SEL, you can't just teach this stuff -- you have to live it." - Dr. Maurice Elias

  3. "We have also discovered that the depth of SEL needs to grow beyond the classroom.  Some of the first people in a school who need to be well versed in social-emotional learning are the school office staff, cafeteria staff, and the school resource officer..." - Dr. Dorothy L. Espelage

  4. "But when you're looking at someone else's culture and the behaviors normal to them, you have to take it in their context, not your own.  You have to take the curriculum to the student because you'll never get the kid to learn the lesson if you drag them to it." - Baruti K. Kafele

  5. "Educators must model how to discuss differences and disagreements respectfully -- that's how meaningful relationships get started." - Dr. Peter DeWitt

  6. "One of the most important things to me about the development of social-emotional learning for our children is that they have to understand how to make sense of their cognitive and emotional development in a broader space than the immediacy of their environment." - Richard Gerver

  7. "Making SEL sustainable requires engaging with the broader community beyond the school walls, including family and community members." - Kathy Wade

  8. "Belief is the first step to making an initiative stick, and educators do believe." - Dr. Rod Berger

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